Wig Info

I've received some questions as to where I get my wigs and which ones I like to wear.  I use the website wigsalon.com.  It's a lot cheaper than wig boutiques, but you do have to have a good idea of the colors/styles you like.  Exchanges/returns can be a pain.  As far as the wigs themselves, I have really only ever worn Rene of Paris wigs, but I've been branching out over the last little while.  I've found that the lace-front wigs are my new favorite.

What I'm currently wearing:

"Linda" by Jon Renau, color: Cinnamon Brown
I love the short A-line cut of this wig.  The bangs are a little thick and hard to pin back, but I love the rest of the look.  It has a monofilament top and a lace front, but I'm not as impressed with the lace like I am with the Eva Gabor wig.  With the bangs, however, it almost seems pointless to have the lace.  Overall, I do love the cut and color.
IMG_5854, © AmberWall

Here are my past favorites:

"Oppulence" by Eva Gabor, color: Sandy Blond
I love this cut! It is something I have been searching for for ages.  I wish I would have gotten a different color (maybe a darker blond), but it has been fun to try out something so different.  It also has a lace front and monofilament top so it looks very realistic.


"Shasta"(discontinued) Rene of Paris, color: "Ginger H"
I trimmed it a bit on the sides and in the back, so it's a bit different from the "out of the box" look.  I get lots of compliments, mainly from women wanting to know where I get my hair cut.  They are always shocked when I tell them it's a wig. (I figure it's easier to be honest than to lie about who does my hair. :-))  It has also held up quite nicely in the several times I've purchased it.  Perhaps it's because it's the shortest of all the wigs that I've tried.

Shasta side view

color: "Strawberry Swirl"
Shasta wig

Here it is in "Marble Brown."  Please excuse the chubbiness... I was 9-months preggo!

"Codi" (color: "Iced Mocha"):
Codi wig

"Gillian"  (wig is now discontinued, dang it!):

(color: "Marble Brown")

(color: "Ginger H")
Gillian Wig

"Erin" (color: "Ginger H"):
Erin wig

The Rene of Paris 'Halo' (works with hats/scarves/etc. and is now discontinued).  It's good for warmer weather because it doesn't have a top :
That's about it!  If you have any other questions, shoot me an e-mail at ambersinnermind{at}gmail{dot}com!