February 21, 2009


So, I haven't been doing myself any favors lately.  Remember how I wanted to try to change my way of thinking about Georgia?  Well, over the last few days I've been thinking about all these things I want to start doing/trying, but I've come to the conclusion that I really can't start them up in the short time I have left here in GA.  For instance...  I really want to get into a photography program.  I would love to start taking really good pictures of everything and really know what I'm doing.  Not to mention the fact that it would be fun to put my own pictures on these blog posts instead of other persons'.  It goes without saying that I really can't do that here before April.  Strike one!  

Next, I want to start becoming one of those thrifty, bargain-hunting women, but I've decided that sometimes requires storage space because of buying deals in bulk.  Needless to say, I don't have the space in the apartment, nor the space in the car to take back to Colorado when the time comes.  Strike two!  

And lastly, I really want to start doing projects to beautify my home.  Since I don't even consider my rented apartment with rental furniture home, I don't want to waste the time and effort on it, especially with only two months left.  Strike three!  

I guess I'll just have to do my research now, and then I'll no problems getting busy once we're back in Aurora.  

Just incase you're interested, here are some sites of inspiration:
crafts: friend liz; random site
thriftiness: coupons, more couponshow-to

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