July 1, 2009

Out of Patience

That's it. It's gone. My patience has run out. It's 8:30 and both boys are in bed, but not without a fight. I was able to keep my composure without getting angry, but now it's all bottled up and I'm about to burst. All day I had to put up with Brady's whining (he seriously whined about EVERYTHING all day for no reason!) and Eli's clingy, needy orneriness. Have you ever thought about running away? I was THIS close this evening... Let's hope tomorrow goes better.

3 Happy Thoughts:

Baby Drake said...

Haven't gotten there yet, but I know I will. Drake is figuring out the whining and I get impatient quickly.

Tenecia said...

Yes. I have been there. Regularly. I think the 2-3 age range is tough. My Logan turned 3 in May and is such a good, sweet little boy. Some days though, he sure tries my patience with the whining......Put 'em to bed an hour earlier tonight!

denverallens said...

Have I ever told you that I hide away in my bedroom sometime around 7 or 8. The kids are left to fend for themselves. That's when I am DONE! SOOOO DONE! They make these little white pills that make everything so much better, but in a pinch, two benedryl work. I know, I'm pathetic. What can I say?