July 1, 2009

"Wanna Be My Friend?"

Have you ever met someone, or learned of someone, and thought "I wish they were MY friend!"? I have. Lots of people. I'm such a nerd, though. Wouldn't it be even "nerdlier" of me to go up to this person and be like "Wanna be my friend?" That's definitely where I draw the line. I've always had this thing called SHYNESS that has greatly inhibited me when it comes to making friends. I'm plagued with those thoughts of "What if they don't like me?" "What if I do something that bugs them?" "What if they think I'm weird because I wear a wig?" I'm sure I'm just shooting myself in the foot by having thoughts like that, but that's just my nature. I envy people that make friends easily, like my husband, for instance. Everyone likes him. Whenever we have moved, people just gravitate to him, and BOOM! instant friends.

Maybe my shyness stems from my insecurities with my hair. I've been a lot more open about it in the last little while (like, the last year or so) in hopes that it would help me get over my shyness. Sometimes I wonder if by being open about it, I creep some people out. I think, though, that if I were to keep it hidden, the person would be equally weirded out if they found out I had been keeping something like that a secret. It's not like I CAN keep it a total secret.

Oh well. I'll just keep being me and HOPEFULLY I will make some new friends along the way.

"Wanna be my friend?"

2 Happy Thoughts:

Baby Drake said...

Ha ha, WHAT are you wearing in that picture? That looks so funny. I know what you mean, and I do that all the time. I have gotten over the "what if they find out how retarded I am?" thoughts and just go with the flow. Its always hard to make new friends when you move, but after putting a little effort into it, totally worth it!

Cami and Blake said...

Amber, I didn't know you had this blog--duh me!! Girl we are two peas in a pod on this one--one our personalities are very similar, and two we both just moved to a new place. And oh, anyone who gets weirded out by your hair or cancels you off as a potential friend is not worth your friendship. I know of few people who can be absolutely beautiful with no hair, and yes you are one of them.