August 4, 2009

The Blue Monstrosity (and other furniture)

This is my Siesta Sack.

(My hubby is 6'3". It's as big, if not bigger than him.)

It's a big ol' beanbag that we wanted in place of functional furniture (we had a moment of weakness). We originally got it so that we could cuddle up on it while watching movies. It has never served that purpose. It's too much of a beast to move, and it's no fun to watch movies from the corner it sits in, so it has just served as a landing spot when my son jumps off the side of the couch.

I found out last night, though, that someone actually wants to buy it from me! Yea!!! They're coming to rid me of it tomorrow night. I'm one step closer to having the family room I want. One step down, fifty bazillion left to go. But hey, that's progress, right?

Next, I need to find a way rid myself of the green monster (my couch).

I'll have to wait until I have the pennies to get the couches I really want, though. I would really love this baby:

This comfy, cushy thing sat behind me at the furniture store I used to work at. It was always beckoning me to come take a nap on it. It didn't come in leather at the time, so I always had to turn it down. Now, however... It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

2 Happy Thoughts:

Tenecia said...

That's a beautiful couch! Your "green monster" isn't that bad though...I've seen some UGLY couches! Have you ever looked on craigslist? People are always trying to sell their 15 year old hideous couches for 400 bucks. It's quite funny. Anyway, save your pennies!

Uptown Girl said...

I've never seen anything like that!! I like your regular couch and also the one you are hoping to get.
Looking at the siesta sack makes me want a nap real bad. And I've only been at work for 45 minutes. Not a good sign for the day...