August 26, 2009

Fall Television

School has started 'round these parts, and that can only mean one thing... FALL! I love the fall. It brings with it not only the crisp, cool air that I love, but it is also that wonderful time of year when the crappy summer TV ends, and all my favorite shows come back to entertain me once again. In honor of school starting, I thought I would rattle off a few of those wonderful shows I am most looking forward to...

(Started last Thursday!)
It's baaaaack! Last week was the first episode on their new network and I couldn't have been more excited. If I had had anyone else here that loved it as much as I, we would have had a little party.

(Thurs., Sept. 24th)
They've done away with some characters... Added some new... Kept the most important...

And I can't wait to see what they have in store for their new season.

(Thurs., Sept. 17th)
Yes, I am an Office fan. I jumped on the bandwagon last year and I had wondered where it had been all my life. Thank goodness for Netflix! I was able to catch up on 5 seasons in a matter of just a few weeks. Let me tell ya... it was difficult having to wait a whole week to see new episodes when I was finally caught up on things.

(Monday, Sept. 21st)
I don't know why I stick to this show. It just sucks me right in. It's more frustrating than LOST, and I love that show, too! Argh. Can't...stay...away...

(Thurs., Sept. 17th)
Okay, LOVE this show! It's my new favorite. It's a cross between "X-Files" and "CSI" with a chase usually thrown in at the end (that always seems a little silly, but it never goes on too long). :-) If you haven't watched it, you must! Especially if you enjoy the two shows I just mentioned.

There are always a few others that get thrown into the mix - Smallville, LOST (which actually won't return until Spring. Bummer!), Scrubs, 30 Rock, and the list goes on. My Thursdays are usually packed to the brim, thus making my DVR packed to the brim, also. A person can only watch so much in one night! If you enjoy these shows as much as I do, there's always a spot for you on my sofa!

3 Happy Thoughts:

denverallens said...

I have to admit I am totally sucked into "Fringe". I LOVE that show! It is so good. I've always loved CSI, but quit watching when Grissom left. My sister, Donna, assures me the new guy is good, but I'm leary. I've switched to CSI NY. I CAN NOT do Miami. It's just to much for me. Craig is a Hero's fanatic, but I can't do it anymore. I am totally into Lost but Craig can't do that anymore. Alas, I digress. Love this post. I've needed something good to post about, thanks for the great idea!

denverallens said...

By the way, when are you guys coming to dinner? Craig's off Thurs-Sunday this week. Let me know and we'll bbq!

Uptown Girl said...

i LOVE Project Runway- it is waiting on my dvr and i can't wait to sit and watch it!!
and the Office... I am doing a countdown to season 6.