August 20, 2009

Still boring, but not bare

As one of the many things on my "to do" list, I wanted to improve my entryway a bit. This is what I did...

I was tired of shoes littering the floor all over the tile and carpet. I needed a basket to contain them. As for the rug, I needed something to catch wetness and dirt from previously mentioned shoes. It's a very shaggy, soft rug, but it's machine-washable so it was definitely do-able. The ledge is always a catch-all, so I cleaned out the little basket I had there to make room for the necesseties and anything new that accumulates. Looking at it now, it still looks really boring. Any suggestions about what else I could do? Unfortunately, I can't do any painting, or that would have been the very first improvement. The walls are just going to have to stay bland, bland, bland.

2 Happy Thoughts:

Uptown Girl said...

hrmm i have no idea what else you could do in that space... maybe hang something above the door? something short and wide?

ok obvi i'm not a good decorator! Good job getting one of your projects accomplished tho :)

Alice said...

what about a plaque over the door? or those vinyl letters they have on etsy? With a cute saying or just decorative designs. The vinyl sticks to the wall and can be removed so you don't have to worry about permanent damage. A small plant on the ledge would be cute too.

I like the shoe box idea. My kids have a habit of losing one shoe all the time. :D