September 14, 2009

Getting Fit

It's that time again. That time when I start to feel worse and worse about my body and I desperately need to do something about it. Luckily, I have my sisters to help me out this time. It's going to be a contest, of sorts. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do to reach my goals, but here are some of my ideas...

  • Drink lots of water, and only water. No more soda or sugary drinks.
  • Get back into the P90X exercises and parts of the diet plan.
  • Eat an actual breakfast and lunch. Avoid eating the things I usually go for at those meals - leftover desserts.
  • Stop eating after 8:00 PM.
  • Go walking whenever I get the chance.
  • Have more fruits and vegetables on-hand as snacks instead of baked goods.

So, there you have it. I'm going grocery shopping today or tomorrow, and hopefully I will be able to resist the foods I need to cut back on. I'm not going to do without certain things completely 'cause I know that would be setting myself up for failure. I just need to have more moderation, especially when it comes to my favorites like cookies, brownies, and any other baked goods.

I'm letting all of you in on this so that you can help me be accountable. Keep me focused. When that plate of cookies comes a-callin', I need to know you'd be disappointed in me if I at the whole plate instead of just one (which happens more often that I'd like to admit). We can do this! :-)

4 Happy Thoughts:

Uptown Girl said...

ugh- similar thoughts keep going thru my mind. It is about time for me to shape up too (eating+workout) but I am so stubborn and I rly don't want to give up my junk food diet! Waaaaah!!

Be strong Amber, maybe you will inspire me.

Kimberly Giardino said...

I will gladly house all your baked good over at my house!! I am sure the baby would love me for it!!!

Kristie and Jake said...

Good for you. Although I think that you and your sisters ALWAYS look great even after having 2 kids. I need to start doing this too. I'll keep reading your posts and hopefully that will help me too. :)

Kristie and Jake said...

I was just reading through the rest of your blog. I went to Express to and just got some the same jeans. I too like the look of the skinny jeans with the boots. But I think I would have to be skinny first before I could wear them ;) Also I LOVE PROJECT RUNWAY!!! I love reading your blog it's so fun!!!