September 1, 2009

Good Deal

Remember those jeans I bought last week? Well, I was supposed to get two pairs because of a "buy one, get the other 1/2 off" sale, but they didn't have my size in-store. I opted for a "fashion delivery" of the second pair in hopes that they'd have my size in a warehouse somewhere. I got the "1/2 off" price on the pair I bought in-store, and then I was going to pay full price on the pair being delivered. It has been a week and I haven't heard anything about the status of that order.

Well, I just called customer service and it turns out that the pair I ordered were completely sold out, so I won't be getting that second pair. The order was automatically cancelled. I'm bummed, but hey, I got a great pair of jeans for 1/4 of the price I had intended on spending. Great deal, no?!

4 Happy Thoughts:

Uptown Girl said...

oh yes, that is a great deal!
and man I wish my legs looked like that picture... wow.

Amber W. said...

I wish my legs looked like that, too. Alas, they are someone else's.

Uptown Girl said...

you should just say they're yours!

Paige Hanna said...

Cute jeans! I may have to head on over to express myself... Love the Pride & Prejudice music, btw. Normally I hate music on blogs.