December 2, 2009

Four Photos

I have been tagged by fellow blogger and friend, Alice. So, I guess I am now "it!" These are the rules...

1. Choose a photo that makes me cringe like none other.

2. Choose two photos that I could stare at all day long.

3. Choose one photo that represents my dreams and aspirations.

4. Link four fellow bloggers and tell why they inspire me.

Here goes!

1 - Cringe-worthy:

I had just had my first baby boy. I was still losing the baby weight. I desperately needed a new 'do. This photo makes me shriek and cringe all at the same time! EEK! (I don't even know why I have allowed it to stay in my photo files.)

2- I love looking at these photos. They just make me happy.

3- What I aspire to be...

Healthy and in-shape.

4- Tag, you inspire me!
Kristie - because she is such a good mommy and a good friend
my cousin, Erica - because I wish I had even half of the creativity she does. Seriously! It's even her job to blog about it.
Uptown Girl - because she gets to live every day in a city that I would love to be able to even visit.
Jeni - because she is always there when anyone needs her.

There are plenty of others who inspire me, including YOU!

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