January 6, 2010


I'll get to your questions in a bit, but first I thought I would post this little tid-bit while I was thinking about it.

I was looking at my cousin's blog this morning, reading about her holiday escapades and her design genius, and started thinking about the fun she, my sister, and I had as kids. She lived in Arizona, my sister and I in Utah, so it was very seldom that we got to be together. Whenever we did, though, we were best buds.

Around the ages of 10-12, we created a club for just the three of us. Oh, how creative we were. So creative, in fact, that our club name came from our names: Amber, Paige, and Erica. A.P.E., for short. Sure, we could have been P.E.A., or E.A.P., but then we wouldn't be able to draw pretty vines around our club documents and have some sort of theme to follow along with the whole ape-iness thing.

We had appointed offices - President, Vice President, and Secretary. We thought it fair to just go by order of age, so I was President, Erica was V.P., and my sister was Secretary. We held meetings and created agendas according to what we wanted to do with our day. It involved a lot of playing.

I don't know when we eventually gave up the club, but man, it sure was fun while it lasted! (Hey, Er, you haven't run across any of our old documents, have you? That would be HILARIOUS!)

3 Happy Thoughts:

Paige said...

Its so funny that you posted about this, I was just thinking about it the other day! I have a picture in my scrapbook of the three of us (and Cyd) with huge cut-out lips taped to our faces, giving Grandma a sales pitch on lipstick. I also recall my duties as Secretary were to provide 'refreshments', which always consisted of saltine crackers topped with peanut butter and bananas, and milk. There was also the NBA (no boys allowed) signs we posted next to A.P.E to keep Dave and Griff out. Too funny!

Michelle said...

You girls were always so cute together, I loved when you 2 sisters came to visit. Do you remember being stranded on the plane forever? I think it was due to de-icing in SLC, I picked you up like 2:00am...

Erica said...

lol lol APE will never be forgotten! I think I do have our old folder around my house somewhere, I should dig it up. Lol I forgot Paige was in charge of snacks, that is hilarious. Also remember we wrote our letters in code so Dave and Griffin wouldn't read them? When in fact they didn't even know the letters existed or cared in the slightest. lol lol we are the best.