January 30, 2010

W2 Time...

It's that time of year... The time of year when W2's come out and we can send in for that glorious chunk of money called our TAX RETURN! The Air Force pays my husband so little for his life that we usually get a good amount of our taxes back. We always have good intentions for where we're going to put that money, but every year without fail, all these little "wants" come up that I would love to spend money on. These are some of my "Tax-return Wants" for this year:

A food processor. That way, nothing could hold me back when I felt like making my mom's homemade salsa...

A nice knife for chopping anything I felt so inclined to chop.

I have these shoes and I love them! I would really love another pair in the right size. I bought them right after my second baby and I blame my post-pregnancy baby weight that made my feet a size bigger than they really are. Now, the shoes are simply just too big.

If I were to get some new black ones, maybe I'd grab a pair of silver...

And red...

And leopard. You can't go wrong with these shoes. You just can't!

shoe source

And that concludes my "want" list!
Yeah, it's shorter than I thought it would be, too.

4 Happy Thoughts:

~Ivy~ said...

You need a food processor!!! I just washed mine. Uses are endless.
And yes, Annette Bening it is! I never knew it until one person told me while I was in college.... now I hear it all the time.
Cheers and Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I am leaving yours up while I finish the dishes... love the music!

Kristie and Jake said...

LOVE the shoes. so cute. Where can i get a pair? I hope you can get them.

Uptown Girl said...

ok I'm hoping my work computer will let me get this comment thru and not put my internet on the fritz. crossing my fingers!

Who makes those shoes and where can I find them??? I LOVE that the red pair has fiesty feist animal print insides! Gorgeous.

ps- i hope i get a good tax return too!!! say a prayer ok?

Amber W. said...

They are the Jessica Simpson "Leve" shoes. I got mine at Dillard's, but other stores have different colors. I got these pictures from Zappos.com and they had even more colors than Dillard's did.