April 6, 2010

Cue the Overwhelmingness

It just hit me. Life was going so smoothly for a little bit, but now, everything that will be going on in the next couple of months has hit me like giant wave. I'm literally shaking. It's a very similar feeling to the one I posted about here - the "oh crap" feeling. I just have to tell myself to breathe, focus on one thing at a time, and hope that I can stay afloat.

These are the main things that are going to be happening...
- Brett's ever-constant studying for not one, but two important topics - the weekly tests this training requires, and his promotional exam in May that has a lot riding on whether he passes it or not. I know he's infinitely more stressed about them than I am, but that just means less time we get to see him and more time I spend taking care of things on my own. There's rarely a respite, even on the weekends. Very overwhelming.
- Church-calling responsibilities. April is going to be a busy month for that, not to mention the fact that I will have to plan another activity for May - the busiest month of the two.
- The May activity I just mentioned. Those things always keep me busy and stressed.
- Moving at the end of May and all the preparations that will need to be made before that. We thought that Brett's training might be extended, but now it looks like they'll graduate on time - May 26th. We plan on leaving the week after that. Man, it's coming fast!

3 Happy Thoughts:

Michelle said...

Amber what is happening in the next couple of months? Do you have to move again?

(I apologize if you have written about it earlier)

Alice said...

Hang in there. You all will be fine. I know because you are awesome! :D

I've been feeling the same way lately. I just have to keep reminding myself to have faith.

Uptown Girl said...

Life is so hard sometimes. It sounds like you have TONS going on and that its that much harder bc you're doing it virtually alone.
Stressed spelled backwards = Desserts. I think you deserve an extra dessert (daily)!