April 19, 2011


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Oh, boy. This is going to be a fun one! I have so many nicknames. My family is notorious for not using any family members' real names, so it's no surprise that I actually have to explain why I have the nicknames I do. They're a little odd. There are three that I'm called most often: Sweetie, Skee, and Suzz. I have some other nicknames that aren't used as often - Am, Amby, Dolly, Angel, Amber Dawn-buri (long story) - so you're just going to get the 411 on my most-used names.

I guess there really isn't a story behind "Sweetie." That's just the nickname Brett decided to give me while we were dating and it has stuck ever since.

"Skee" and "Suzz" are a bit more complicated.

"Skee" is actually short for "Amber Dawn-Eskee." When I was a baby, I guess Polish jokes were the popular thing, so my parents decided that, as a joke, I was "the first Polish baby born to American parents." That's where the "Eskee" came from. It eventually got cut down to just "Skee," and my dad still calls me that to this day. He's the only one.

My mom, on the other hand, calls me "Suzz" (as in "buzz"). From what I've been told, it came from the first time I slept a 7-hour stretch as a baby. They started calling me Mrs. Rip VanSkeeWinkle. (There's the "Skee" showing up again.) It then got shortened to Miss Suzz ("Mrs." = "Miss-suzz" Get it?) Winkleman. Then my mom just started calling me Suzz. Still does.

I've always liked those nicknames because they were unique and had stories to go with them. When I played softball, my dad would always call me "Skee" and my coach thought it was the funniest thing. He started calling me it, too, but it never stuck for long.

Like I said, my family is notorious for crazy nicknames and never using the family member's real name. (I think I smell another blog post idea!)

To be continued...

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