April 6, 2011


If it isn't already obvious, my main hobby is taking pictures. I'm no where near creative enough or well-practiced enough to call it photography, but I enjoy it just the same. Maybe someday I'll feel confident in my abilities, but if not, I still love taking pictures of my friends and family, and everything going on around me. I was so excited when I got my "big camera" almost 2 years ago and I love being able to have more control over lighting, focus, and depth of field. It is so fun being able to capture memories and knowing that I can have physical evidence of things that have happened in my life and those around me. Here are some of my most favorite photos...

My nephews

looking to the sky
My little Eli

My little Brady

One of my most favorite subjects...

Gardenias growing in my yard in Florida

That was just a small sampling. I've learned a lot, but I still have a long way to go. Hopefully by this time next year my abilities will improve even more.

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Kristie and Jake said...

Hey can you suggest any good books that might help me understand how to use my camera better or any websites. I'm still learning how to use mine. I have a Nikon. I love your pictures. You really are very good with your camera and lighing and everything that comes with taking pictures. I always think your pictures look so great!!! also I remember you tell me that if Jake is a student you can get Photoshop for a cheaper price. Would he just get it at the bookstore or on some website. I would like to get the CS5 I think it is.