May 21, 2011

Conflict Resolution

First off, I have to preface this by saying that I come up with the oddest ideas for blog posts right before I go to bed and I don't feel like staying up any later in front of my computer. I usually wait until the next day and "sleep on" my wacky thoughts before I type them out. This is one random thought that actually remained in my mind by the next morning, so I thought I would write it down.

When a trivial issue arises between you and another person, do you ever think out in your mind how the conversation would go if you actually brought it up? I do it. All. The. Time. Granted, I have no issues of any kind with anyone right now, nor do I ever really have any at all. I didn't even have any gripes with anyone when this thought came to mind. It was just one of those random thoughts like, "My parents got a new dog named Gus, and I want to call him Gus-Gus like the mouse in Cinderella," or "I like cheese." Completely random.

Back to my point. I usually will think somewhere along the lines of, "if I said _______ to so-and-so, then they would probably react and say _______ in response. Therefore, I would say _______ to back up my thoughts." In having this internal conversation, I oftentimes realize that A) my "issue" is really a "non-issue," B) I forget what the issue was completely, or C) I come up with the resolution on my own, or I at least trick my mind into thinking that there was a resolution, and therefore I feel like my point was heard. I'm probably delusional, I know, but I just like to think it's some form of conflict resolution.

Welcome to the craziness that is in my mind!

(Don't ask me what Mr. Policeman Potatohead has to do with anything. He's just here.)

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Steelman Co. said...

haha! I thouroughly enjoyed this post. Thanks Amber