May 26, 2011


This past Monday, I did something I haven't done in years: I saw a dermatologist. I figured it was high time I saw someone and try to get some hair to grow back. Unfortunately, treatment options haven't changed much in the 17+ years I've had Alopecia, but the doctor and I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. We decided to start with the most basic course of action ("basic" being a relative term, of couse): cortisone injections along with some prescription medicine that is supposed to work alongside the injections. Man, I forgot how much they hurt. I had never tried injections on the grand scale that I had to this time. It was always on just little spots that my doctor was trying to kick-start. If it works, though, it will be worth ever single needle stick.

First injections, 5/23/11
These arrows are pointing to at least 1/3 of the injections I received this go around. After waiting a few hours to take this photo, I was having a tough time figuring out which were needle points and which were freckles. There sure were a lot of shots, though!

On an even happier note, my mom happened to see my beloved dermatologist back in Utah the same day I had gone in to see this new doctor. My mom said Dr. Parkinson asked how I was doing and told her that he was going to write me a prescription for Latisse (you know, the eyelash growth serum stuff) and really wants me to try it. He even said that I can use it on my eyebrows in hopes of getting them to grow back, too. And, interestingly enough, he told her that they may come out in a few months with a version where you can use it wherever you need to get hair to grow (like a scalp, maybe?). I was so happy to hear this news because my new dermatologist didn't mention anything like this to me. Even after all these years, Dr. Parkinson is still looking out for me. I will be forever grateful to have had him as my doctor, even if it did mean losing all of my hair. :-)

I may be posting photos periodically of my progress (if there is any at all), so bear with me. I'm mostly doing this for my own documentation to see if anything starts helping. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Wishing you luck and will be praying for you and your progress.


Paige Hanna said...

Can you imagine how dark and thick your hair will be when it DOES start to grown back?! Just look at the stubble you have now, its black! Can't wait to see your lashes when that stuff kicks in.

Lindsey said...

Okay, okay, okay. Whew! I have to stop reading. I just read a whole bunch of posts and I have so much to say. (Which I've probably already forgotten).
Sometimes I think blogs are kind of like what you think of twitter, but then when I read someones blog who I know--and by reading their blog I suddenly know them a lot better, and find lots to want to talk to them about (where is this sentence headed???) then suddenly I think blogs are fantastic.

Lets see if I can remember what I was going to tell you.

--I just read Matched. If you finished it we should talk.

--Nutella is Danger food.

--My kichen and your kitchen could be friends.

--I'm sad for your flowers, but go you planting them. (And did I see on facebook you have extra basil?)

--I also wish there was a transporter....thingie.

--Why did you post pictures of donuts? Now I would really like them.

Last of all, I am here:

----See you Sunday!

Erin said...

Sending happy thoughts for lush hair.

Melissa said...

This is Awesome, I cant wait to see when it works :)

Ivy said...

I work for a dermatologist and she has injected many women and men, especially men's beards...
Anyway, I have had acne lesions injected with steroids and plantar fasciitis, all steroids are painful but you are right, if it works, it is worth it!