June 6, 2011


I love crepes.


I love making large batches of them and eating them for days. 

It has taken me a while to find a recipe I like, but I've finally decided on this recipe. I mix my batter a little differently than what the recipe says by putting everything together in a bowl and using my hand blender to whip it up.  It makes it nice and smooth as compared to the recipe's way of doing things.


They can be topped with just about anything, but my favorite filling is Nutella and strawberries.  It is so completely satisfying!  


 ... but bananas and Nutella are equally as scrumptious.


3 Happy Thoughts:

Dave Allbee said...

Ugh... you can't post things like this. We all know no one makes crepes like you do. Now I'm craving.

Ivy said...

Now I am hungry and it is bedtime.

I am going to pin your post to Pinterest here: http://pinterest.com/ivest/get-in-my-bellay/

I don't want to forget this recipe idea!


the Jorgensens said...

Some of the ladies at playgroup last week told me your funny story from Sunday and that you had written about it on your blog. So, naturally I resorted to stalking and I found your blogs and I have been reading and reading. I thought you were a beautiful person before, but now I know so much more about you and my opinion of you has changed. You are incredibly amazing and impossibly beautiful! I wanted to comment under every post that I read and then you posted about crepes and Nutella and I couldn't resist anymore. I just had to tell you how I felt.