January 13, 2014

Do you ever have days...?

Do you ever have days where you have a whole laundry list of things to do, but you just can't seem to want to do any of it but the one thing that doesn't HAVE to be done?  Today is one of those days.  I should be doing dishes... I should be doing laundry...  I should be cleaning at least one of the bathrooms...  For the life of me, all I want to do is look at the photos I've taken of birds, watch TV, and do a blog post.  Lately, this blog has been calling to me.  It has been almost an entire year since the last time I posted and I have missed it tremendously!  I don't know why I haven't written anything.  It certainly hasn't been for lack of topics to write about.  I think life gets busy, I get behind, and then don't have the strength to try to play "catch-up."  I've been doing a lot of pondering lately on the past, present, and future, and I have decided that I need an outlet again.  An outlet that will help me get thoughts out of my head instead of them getting jumbled and tumbled around in my brain.

For instance...

I've been going through another round of hair treatments over the last couple of months.  I have seen some progress, but not enough to feel like things might be on the mend.  The thoughts I've been having lately are, "Is this worth it?" "Am I getting my hopes up for nothing?"
"It couldn't hurt to try, though, right?"

So, I'm going to start putting myself "out there" again.  I want to start writing more about life with Alopecia, life as a military family (and how that will be ending soon), and everything in between.  Hopefully I can clear my mind in the process!

1 Happy Thoughts:

Erin said...

Yay, thanks for coming back! I hope the hair treatment works this time around.

Also, I find if I get too worried about getting "caught up" I will never blog. So, I go out of order or skip things entirely. Maybe it is freeing to not have to document every moment. I guess I'm just saying keep writing because I like hearing from you.