January 6, 2009


Whoever said change is a good thing must not have had to deal with so much change at one time.  I feel like I'm going crazy.  I feel like I just got used to the move to Georgia, and here we go moving again.  It was only across town, but a change is a change.  I'll be moving in another three months (for the better, luckily) and as much as I'm looking forward to it, I know it will be stressful.  Moving cross-country with two kids just is.  All this change has brought to surface many other issues I have had with change.  

I've always had a theory that my hair loss has been due to hormonal changes (i.e. birth control).  When I look back, though, those hormonal changes have always taken place around more significant life changes.  The biggest ones I can really pinpoint are starting high school (hormonal change was The Pill for my complexion), starting college (again, The Pill for complexion problems), and getting married (self-explanatory).  I wish there was a telltale sign of what affects my hair loss so that I can try to avoid it.  If it is the stress that comes with life changes in general, there's probably no hope of getting my hair back.  Those changes are probably unavoidable.  If it's the hormones, I've been avoiding those for over two years now.  While I was pregnant with Eli, I had a glimpse of hope as I saw my eyebrows start to grow back.  Unfortunately, just after having him, all that progress fell out again.  Now I'm left with nothing at all.  Was it the change of hormones (pregnancy to post-partum)?  Or was it the change of moving that made me lose the brows?  I'm sure I will never know.  

(As you can tell, the picture has nothing to do with the post.  I just wanted a picture of "change" of some sort.)      

2 Happy Thoughts:

Tristen said...

I love the thoughts...because after I have my babies I LOSE so much of my hair! It comes out in clumps...literally but I would think it could be a mixture of things. Who cares, you are beautiful anyway! Love this new blog as well! You write so well!

Chris said...

Can't wait to read your blog, Amber--it's always good to have an outlet somewhere.
And I agree with the above post, you are very beautiful with or without your hair and eyebrows. But I can understand your frustration with that trying situation!

Looking forward to more posts about your inner thoughts.

Aunt Chris