January 9, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow

My baldness has been on my mind a lot lately (no pun intended). I've been looking into wigs/hats/hats with hair, etc. as I usually do every six months or so. I wish they weren't so expensive. I hate that I have to spend so much money just to look normal. Even sadder still, even if I look normal, I still don't feel normal. I think that once I've weaned Eli, I'm going to look into Alopecia treatments again. It's been a couple of years since I have tried anything, having given up on the last treatment that cost a lot, but never gave me the initial allergic reaction it was supposed to. I wish I could see my dermatologist in Utah. The one I've seen a couple of times in Denver just didn't seem as helpful. I would have to talk to one of her colleagues first, give them my life history, and then she would come in for a couple of minutes and try to tell me the best thing for me. It always seemed very impersonal, especially when I'm dealing with such a personal condition. I guess that's what you get from a university/learning hospital.

So anyway... Sorry for the randomness. If you'd like to donate to the "Amber wants a wig fund," let me know. (Just kidding.)

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Dave Allbee said...

"(Just kidding.)" But seriously..... haha