March 10, 2009

Things I Must Do Once Back in CO

1 - Plant herbs. I have hated buying little pouches of them at the grocery store for the same price as one plant from Home Depot.

2 - Find a delicious sheet cake recipe and make it! I don't know why, but I've had a huge craving for such a thing. Maybe I'll try this one.

3 - Make a pot roast for Sunday dinner. Oh, how I've missed my crappy ol' slow cooker.

4 - Refinish our "new" kitchen table. I couldn't do it before we left 'cause those fumes just wouldn't have been good on a preggy body.

5 - Make a pretty table runner for aforementioned table.

6 - Wean Eli. The little bugger is sure putting up a fight.

This is a running list... It will probably change periodically.

2 Happy Thoughts:

Baby Drake said...

That is so funny that you want to make a sheet cake. I have never, ever, ever, had the desire to make sheet cake and then, this morning, my head popped off the pillow and I thought "I am going to make sheet cake today. I really want a delicious sheet cake!" No joke.

Amber said...

Oh sweet Amber. I didn't realize you had another blog. I like hearing your personality and seeing more intimate thoughts you have. It reminds me of the wonderful person you are, the goals you have, and that all that matters is that you keep trying every day to do a little better at those goals. I can only imagine your alopecia can make you feel less confident, but you are a beauty. I wish I could share some of my hair with you--I have so much that sometimes it makes me feel less of a woman. But I think I should be grateful for what I have. Let's connect next time you come to Utah. Good luck. I understand how hard it can be to feel like you aren't home.