March 30, 2009

Getting closer...

It's just under two weeks, now, that we leave Georgia. It's crazy to think our time here really will be over soon. The time really has gone quicker than I would probably like to admit, but I'm not sad that it WILL be over. Being in Savannah this last weekend helped me finally pinpoint the feelings I've been having the whole time we've been here. As I was getting ready to put Eli to bed in our hotel, I just felt exhausted. We had only been in Savannah for a few hours, but I felt like we'd been on vacation for days or even months! I think that's what I've been feeling this whole time in Georgia: I'm on vacation! Not a very good one, at that. I think subconsciously, I've always thought of this as being just as temporary as a vacation, and now I'm ready to "go home" to Colorado. Despite all of my complaining, I would do this all again. It has blessed us so much and it has been a real learning experience.

Now, with the end looming closer, I feel like there should be things I need to do to get ready for the looooong drive back. Fortunately, that's one good thing about not having much stuff of our own here to begin with -- it will only take a day, MAYBE two, to pack everything in the cars and go. It's really just a waiting game, now.

2 Happy Thoughts:

Erin said...

Thanks for telling me about your blog. I didn't know it was here. I am always curious what others are thinking about. Do they struggle like I do? Am I the only one who feels self conscious or frustrated or just in a rut? I guess not. It is nice to know I am normal, that we all struggle with time, working out, hair (or no hair), feeling like a hypocrite, etc.

Love you Amber!

Anonymous said...

I kinda felt that way once when I moved to Idaho. I always knew I was only going to be there for a few months so I never really got attached to it. I always felt homesick because there was always an end in sight and so it always felt like I was on a LONG vacation. Glad you're going home! :)