April 10, 2009


Nope, sorry. I can't take it anymore. You are dead to me. Last night was the final straw. How could you let this happen? I hung in there when you decided to have a specific "agenda" for each episode in season 6. I took pity on you when you felt like you had to "kill off" Laverne to prove a point. I was a little grossed out when Turk and JD's relationship got went from best friends to a "bromance", but I worked through it. I even looked the other way when you decided to change networks. I could go on and on about the things I have let slide, but no more. No more! No more will I care what happens to your silly characters. Last night, when I watched Turk and Carla bring up the same joke that was told over 4 seasons ago (in regards to some sort of mermaid encounter), that was the last straw. There's nothing to hold me in anymore. I mean, come on! Who are these writers?! How lazy can you be to recycle a classic moment from a previous season?! Scrubs, you're time has come. I hope you have a great life and maybe somewhere, somehow these lame-o seasons will make it into syndication.

Love, Amber (and Brett, too)

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