April 9, 2009

"...Turning into a slob, are you?"

Today was just one of those days. I knew it was going to be right from the get-go. It started with Brady coming into my room, demanding to play "Playhouse Disney" on the computer at 7:15. With my eyes seeing light for the first time just then, I wasn't about to hop out of bed to turn the computer on for him, not when there were other things that had to happen first (like me being able to come to terms with my surroundings, for one). My answer of "Not yet, Brady" was met with tears and whining right off the bat. Not a great way to start the day.

Once I got Brady to come to his senses (and get some food in his belly), the day went as it normally does - Brady playing/watching his favorite shows and Eli wanting most of my attention for a good part of the morning. My main item of business I wanted to tackle was get the kitchen under control. It was grossly OUT of control and it was starting to trickle into the surrounding rooms. The dishwasher had to work overtime and I had to bring out the major cleansers and scrubs to get every last square inch of the space disinfected. (I'm not a slovenly person. I just had the perfectionist bug today.) Before I knew it, it was 12:00 and it was lunchtime. It took Brady an hour to eat all of his lunch, and by then I wasn't in the mood to fight him about nap time. I waited until 2:00 for that. Eli had been an angel and had gone down at 1:00. He was still sound asleep by 2. FINALLY I had the chance to shower. (Yeah, it was the afternoon and I was finally getting around to showering.)

After 30 minutes of showering and getting dressed, I by-passed the regular makeup application for more kitchen-cleaning and laundry. It wasn't 15 minutes later that I heard Brady yelling "Mommy! I have to go potty!" Oh great. He hadn't been down for an hour yet and he was already awake. I could only hope that he'd go back to sleep after this short potty break so that I could have some time to myself. Luckily he did, but Eli woke up not long after that so my "me time" was cut short.

Now, for some reason, Eli thinks it's funny to spit up after every feeding. Sometimes I'm able to react before he gets me, but sometimes I'm not so lucky. Today was one of those days. Unfortunately, I got too distracted by other things that were going on before I realized that his little "present" had dried, and then I completely forgot about being spit-up upon altogether. Brady finally woke up around 5:00 (definitely a marathon nap) and I decided I would start making dinner. We had pasta with red sauce, and as it likes to do sometimes, the sauce splattered down the front of my shirt whilst being cooked. So there I was - barely showered, no makeup, spit-up on, and now polka-dotted by tomato and basil sauce. Not a pretty sight.

When Brett got home around 7:00, I revealed to him that I stunk and I was a complete mess (as if he couldn't see and smell me already). I told him it was no wonder that I didn't feel like wearing more than just a plain tee shirt and jeans today, sans makeup. Subconsciously I must have known it was pointless to try to look decent. His reaction was "Oh no. You're not turning into a slob, are you?"

I hope not, Brettsy. I hope not. I guess it has yet to be determined...

1 Happy Thoughts:

Erica said...

What he SHOULD have said is "You look BEAUTIFUL no matter what! Thank you for mothering my children today. I'm sorry your day was so chaotic! Let me rub your feet. You are a goddess."

But husbands don't know what to say sometimes.