May 15, 2009

No luck with electronics

I'm totally freaking out. One of my new lenses got dropped and now it's not working properly. It's only a week old! How could such a thing happen?! The same kind of thing happened with my brand new computer last year - A week after I got it, my dad spilled water on the keyboard and then the internet didn't work right. Gotta love warranties, though. Hopefully I'll be able to get the lens fixed. Argh!!

2 Happy Thoughts:

denverallens said...

I noticed you didn't put the comment option next to your 'pity post'. I think you look beautiful everytime I see you. I had no idea the eyebrows weren't real. I'm sure you would look beautiful whether you had eyebrows or NOT!

Erin said...

Oh Amby! I admire you so much for all you have gone through. You are such a trooper. I let myself get pretty down on myself sometimes and I think about you when I am mad that I have TOO much hair and feel like a man! I really wish there were a way to balance us out! You look great to me and I admire that you only let it get you down once a year! You are a great inspiration and I am glad you are willing to admit that it can be hard.
Also can I get added to your other blog?