June 8, 2009

Amazing Machines

Dad, you're gonna be jealous...

The other day, as I was cleaning my car, the F-16s were active. They were taking off so low and flying right over my place, I could feel the rumblings and vibrations in my chest. I love it! It's such an awesome feeling. I don't think I will ever get sick of it. I can't imagine what a rush it is for the actual PILOT of those amazing machines.

Despite my awe and amazement, I couldn't help but think of the poor people in war-torn countries that probably have a somewhat different reaction when they hear those jets. It's probably something closer to what my 3-year-old's reaction is -- looking for a hiding place and wanting his daddy. Now, I realize that it's probably very rare for those jets to be THAT low when they're performing their duties, but just think of how much more fearful you'd be if it was that close to you. I imagine it would be pretty scary.

I guess I'm just grateful that those jets are on my side and that I get to enjoy them without any fear. I can just stand in awe and get all excited AND look really stupid in front of my husband (while he's trying to console our 3-year-old).

(Sorry there's no photo. I was stupid and just watched instead of thinking "There will probably be more. I should get my camera." *smacking forehead* Dang it!)

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