June 26, 2009

Nothing to post or "Marcus"

I really have nothing to post today. I just feel like writing. Should I write about my trip to Utah? Nah. Too many "You had to be there" experiences. Should I write about my dad's brain fart where he introduced Brett as "Eric" in front of all the men at church? Nah. That sentence is pretty self-explanatory. Hopefully within the next few days, I will be scanning and writing about a bunch of pictures I found while digging through all of my parents photos. THAT will be fun (maybe not for you, but I am going to enjoy it)! I was able to find some pictures from things that I posted about already, so I may add pictures to those posts just for kicks and giggles.

I think I will write about Marcus. He is my parents' dog. We got him for my dad for Father's day 6 years ago. I can't really consider him my dog, but I do. He's my dog, too. He's a big, huge German Shepard, but he's the most gentle dog I've ever met. My kiddles crawl all over him, pull his tail, take his ball away, and Marcus gives no reaction whatsoever. My brother even wrestles with him and Marcus just puts up with it. If I ever get a dog someday, I'd want a pup from his loins. You can't find a dog with a better temperament.

He does have a few weird quirks, however. Marcus is obsessed with anything he can fetch. Whether it is a toy carrot, a soccer ball, or a frisbee, the second you step outside, he's dropped something at your feet for you to throw. It can get rather annoying at times. That's when we break out the laser pen and annoy HIM for a bit. He can't resist chasing the laser pen. Even if it isn't in your hand, and you make him think you're holding it, he immediately looks to the ground so as to catch that stupid red light. That is pretty entertaining.

Barking at his toy carrot that was thrown into the EMPTY pool. "Come here carrot!! I don't want to get wet!" Um, Marcus? Hello!!??

Such a peaceful pup. He was just watching the kids frolicking in the pool.

Someone was holding a ball, poised to throw it. He was deep in concentration.

I swear he's smiling. I love this dog!

3 Happy Thoughts:

denverallens said...

Dogs are great aren't they! Marcus looks like a keeper! I love the last photo. I think he's smiling too!

Cydney said...

Oh Mow-cus! I love my puppy too. "He's good boy!"

Dave Allbee said...

He is good boy :)