September 17, 2009

I hate being sick

I'm definitely coming down with something, and I don't like it. Not one. little. bit. I guess it was my turn, but why now?! My mom is coming into town on Monday and I don't want to be out of commission for any part of our time together. Starting tomorrow, in an attempt to get better, I'm going to be MIA this weekend, taking it easy, doing everything I can to rid myself of whatever is ailing me. That may mean lots of blog time, or it may mean I will be a no-show. We'll see how it goes.

5 Happy Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Hope it's not the Swine flu. Half of Aurora Public Schools has or had it in the last two weeks. Ugh! My kids unfortunately did not dodge that bullet. Still waiting on Sydney! I figure when it's least convenient, she'll get it.

Amanda said...

I say this in all seriousness:
take TONS of vitamin C
buy and take colloidal silver
and INSANE amounts of sleep
(if permitted)
I just got over some type of flu...
I don't know how long it would have lasted without that stuff, but it only lasted 3-4 days which I consider a victory looking back on how I felt the first day!

Kimberly Giardino said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon!! Being sick is never something that is enjoyable!!

denverallens said...

R U feeling any better????

Lauren said...

I am sorry you are sick. Are you feeling any better?