October 26, 2009

Fail of the Day

So, I just got back from the doctor's office a little while ago. My poor boys needed flu shots and some other immunizations. As we were in the elevator leaving the office, my one-year-old was wailing and inconsolable because of the 5 shots he just received. There was another man in the elevator with us and my hubby so kindly explained how our little guy just got some shots. This guy had to be in his late 20's. No lie, this was his response:

"It's okay. I work with a bunch of women. I'm used to the noise."

I, being a woman myself, was standing right there! Who says that kind of stuff, especially in front of a woman?!

I wanted to say, "I bet that's the only interaction you get with women, then, huh?"

What a dork.
(Another name for the guy came to mind, but being a lady, I didn't say it. The picture up top could probably give you a good idea, though.)

2 Happy Thoughts:

Alice said...

What.the.freak? What an idiot.

Cyd said...

um... Jackass?