October 3, 2009

More Fall Photos...

These pictures come courtesy of my baby sister, Cyd. She is the last one of the four of us kids to still live at home. She played "only child" this last week and took some family photos - just her and my parents. They were such beautiful pictures that I had to re-post them here.

I feel so lucky to have such wonderful parents that love each other so much!

My beautiful mama. It's only been a week since I saw her and I already miss her!

I love this photo of Cyd and my mom. Gorgeous!

This is my dad. Great picture of him as well! (I miss you, Dad! Come visit soon!)

The view up the canyon, just 20 minutes from the home I grew up in.
Man, I miss it during this time of year (or I guess any time of year, for that matter).

This was one of my favorites.

To see more of Cyd's photos, she's posted them here.

2 Happy Thoughts:

Kristie and Jake said...

Great photos of the parents. I love your parents. I'm with you I miss it this time of year too. (and other times also) I always tell Jake that I miss looking up at the mountains and seeing all the different colors.

Paige said...

So colorful! The leaves have barely started to change here, I wish they looked like that! Cyd's always considered herself an only child, hasn't she?