October 5, 2009

Project List Progress

It's time for me to revisit my most recent project list and see if I've accomplished anything. I hope I have!

Nursing covers? Check. These were the finished products.
I had to get these done or my friend would have been greatly disappointed. Thank goodness for accountability!

Master bedroom improvements? Nope.
Didn't have the bones to do what I wanted to. That project will have to be put on the back burner until there's more cash flow.

Dining room? Uh...sorta.
I rearranged some things, but still didn't get everything for the room that I wanted (curtains; pictures, and/or mirrors for the walls, etc.) With Halloween coming up, I was able to find something in my meager array of decorations to come up with a centerpiece for the table. I also snatched up some extra fabric I had to use as a make-shift table runner. It will have to do.

Just like the entryway - still boring, but not bare. (Story of my life...)

That candy really isn't helping my health goals...

Entryway? Yeah, I improved it a bit. I blogged about it here.

As far as the overall idea of making my place more "homey," I did some other rearranging and improved some areas of the house. I put more (old) family photos on display; put most of the books that were on that shelf in boxes, just keeping a few out for some other shelves.

I really need to update the photos I have in these frames.
I don't have any of my little Eli, and the ones of Brady don't go past 1 year old!

Just a few books. Man, I need a real bookshelf.

So, that's my progress. It's not much, but I guess it's better than nothing!

New project list coming soon! I've got some good ones!

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Michelle said...

Looks great Amber! Did you paint those pumpkins, I know your mom paints, she has made me several and I love them...