November 14, 2009

Best. Deal. EVER!

Okay, so today, on my quest to find new sheets for my bed, I happened upon a Le Creuset outlet store. They happened to be having a "moving sale" and were having amazing markdowns. Brett and I thought we'd go check it out, considering we have been lusting after their cookware for a very long time. Unfortunately for us, they have always been waaaaaay out of our price range, but we had never seen an outlet of this kind before, so we thought it was worth going in for a look-see. To my amazement, they were having 70% off of their outlet prices, which are at least $100 less than regular retail anyway. I had intended on buying sheets while at the outlets, but after seeing the prices of these pots, I decided I can live with the sheets I already have, and went for the cookware instead. I ended up getting five items for $1000 less than what I would have paid for discount retail (like, Williams-Sonoma sale prices). I got all five items for less than what I would have paid for the cheapest pot I bought. Are you following? It was amazing!!

So, I am now the proud owner of these five babies (but in lime green, not this paler green color):

6.75 qt. round dutch oven

6.75 qt. oval dutch oven

5 qt. casserole

9.5 qt. oval dutch oven

Wok (mine is actually all black)
source of photos

Thank you Foley, Alabama for furthering my obsession with kitchenware!

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Krissie said...

That's awesome! I hope you are having a safe move!