December 16, 2009

In Need of Jeans

Good news (especially at this time of year): I've lost a little weight.
Bad news: My pants are baggy and I need new ones.
(I know that may not be such a bad thing, but I HATE shopping for new jeans.)

I'm thinking of joining the bandwagon (finally) and getting some skinny jeans. I've been wanting these or these and was hoping for any input from some of you fashionistas out there have on any other pairs I should consider.

5 Happy Thoughts:

Lauren said...

I love those things! But I am not a member of the skinny jeans club... They don't mesh well with the junk in my trunk :) Good luck finding awesome skinny jeans!

Cyd said...

I love both of those jeans! If you want some cheap ones that you don't mind always having to wear a belt with them I would get some from Forever 21. They will be cheap but they do last forever. Thats where I got my black ones and all my crazy ones. You have great little skinny legs for skinny jeans so I just think you need to get some soon. :)If there is a Nordstroms Rack by you go for the Vigoss. GREATEST pair of skinny jeans I own. they are insanely comfy and make my legs look little

Paige said...

I'd like to get some but Johnny is against it. Maybe if I lose 10 pounds...until then, I'll envy you when you get some.

Kristie and Jake said...

How great for you and it's the holiday's. Now I just hate you ;) (not really) I liked them both but I liked the first ones the most. I get my jeans from Express too. One thing that I don't like about them is that they stretch out so fast and then they don't fit as well. I did get a pair from The buckle that fit a lot better but they are more then express. I do love Express I wish they would get one here when ever I go back to Orem I always shop there. Your going to look great in them. And if paige reads this she will not need to lose 10pounds she could get some too. You and your sisters always look so cute. Good luck Jean shopping I hate it too.

LeLe said...

Hey, baggy jeans are a good problem to have! I just saw that they have skinny jeans for pregnant ladies. I most definitely will not be trying out that trend. My child-bearing hips just won't allow it. LOL! Thanks for following my blog. :)