December 18, 2009


I have felt like such a slob, lately. I haven't bothered with trying to keep the house as clean as I usually do. I usually have the motivation to clean everything that needs to be done within a couple of hours, but lately, I have been getting around to doing 1-2 things (i.e. the kitchen and family room), and then calling it good. All the other rooms have suffered. I do the laundry, but then it sits in laundry baskets until it either gets re-used, or I can't tell between what is clean and what is dirty. It's a vicious cycle.

Not only is my home suffering, but up until yesterday, I hadn't worn makeup in almost a week. That's very unusual for me. I usually try to look good, not just for Brett, but so that I can feel better about myself. Let me tell ya, when I'm home all day with no hair and no makeup, I start to wonder what my husband sees in me physically.

I need a boost. I think because Brett's training is so completely time-consuming, I'm a little overwhelmed with everything I have to do. I almost feel like a single parent, but without having to juggle a job amongst all my other responsibilities. It is my goal to snap out of this by the beginning of the new year. It's not going to be a New Year's resolution, per se, but a complete change of lifestyle before the new year even starts.

Wish me luck!

5 Happy Thoughts:

Lauren said...

I have been going through the same laundry struggle, it never ends!

I haven't been wearing makeup either AND I go to work without it. I have been having casual Friday like 3 times a week. It's all good though. I'm sure after the holidays we will snap out of this funk!

Kristie and Jake said...

I think we all go through this kind of thing every now and then. I have been doing the same thing. I feel like when I do clean my house some how it seems to get dirty again and yet it is only Mason and Me that are home most of the time. All last week I didn't get ready and I didn't put make up on either. I sometimes think why get ready and wear something that will just get dirty (from Mason) yet nobody will see me in this.And it just means more laundry for me. I agree once the holidays are over will all be doing much better. :)

Amber W. said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes through this.

I can totally relate, Kristie, with the whole "what's the point of wearing something that's just going to get dirty." Eli is notorious for wiping something on me as soon as I get dressed for the day.

Paige said...

I hear all of you. I get in the same funk. What helps me get out if it is simple, time away. When Johnny is done working, I get out! I'll go walk around the mall, target, or do the grocery shopping and take my sweet time. Sometimes I'll even just grab the GPS and drive around a new area, listening to chick music. I don't come home until the boys are in bed, then I take a shower, paint my nails or give myself a facial and just relax. It doesn't get the laundry done, or clean the dishes, but it helps me unwind and approach things different the next day. Try it Am, it might work for ya!

Michelle said...

Paige's suggestion is awesome. I remember feeling the same way you do when Erica and Griffin were little. There were days that I felt like I would lose my mind (and no internet in those days). I know I needed adult conversations and I needed time by myself. Is there anyone you can swap babysitting with? Remember to do something for yourself, after all the home really isn't happy unless mom is happy too.

Forgive yourself those bad days that you don't want to do housework or wear make up, because in the long run it really doesn't matter. Be kind to yourself.

BTW, you and Paige are great little mommies with beautiful children, give yourself a pat on the back.

Love U
Aunt Michelle