December 21, 2009

I've always wanted one of these shots...

Truth: If I could do anything in the entire world, I would love to fly in an F-16. (Yeah, right, like that will ever happen! A girl can dream, though, right?)

I'm obsessed with jets, especially F-16s. I get an overwhelming rush of excitement whenever I get to see them, especially as close as I did this afternoon. I've done one or two posts about them before, and here is yet another one.

Today, my little family and I took a drive along the Gulf Coast to see the beauty all around. We headed up towards Eglin AFB just to see what we could see. After spending some time (and no money, amazingly) at the Base Exchange, we played at a park, and then watched some jets do take-offs and landings right by the park. It was awesome! As we were driving by the air strip, I got some shots that I have always hoped I would get. Enjoy... (Click on the photos to see more of what we actually saw - DETAIL!) :-)

'Here he comes [in from] the wild blue yonder...'

"Is he going to go right over us?!"

"It's going to be close..."

"Here he comes..."

I didn't have to zoom in on any of these shots. It was so cool that we were driving at the right speed to be able to see the jet go right in front of us before landing on the other side of the road. I've always wanted to get one of these shots, and I got really lucky this time around!

After we turned around (after making a wrong turn to head off-base), we were able to catch another one coming in:

It was a good day.

(Oh, and can anyone tell me what three songs I quoted in this post? Just a little trivia question for you.)

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Paige said...

Love at Home, The Bear Went Over the Mountain?, and the US air force song? Those pics are so cool! Did you love the F-16 before or after Brett joined? Cause thats pretty convenient that he may somehow, someday find a hookup to get you into one!