January 25, 2010

"The Office" - My Thoughts on "The Banker"

So, did y'all watch "The Office" last week? I did. Granted, I watched it a couple of days late. (Gotta love DVR.) I found it very bittersweet. I loved all of the flashbacks, but it also made me realize how much I wish the show was still in that funnier time. Also, doesn't it usually seem like when a show starts doing flashback episodes, that's the beginning of the end? It seems too soon for such a great show to be at that point, but I don't see it going to back to the time when it was at its funniest.

2 Happy Thoughts:

Paige Hanna said...

I COMPLETELY agree. Johnny and I said the same thing after we watched it. I miss old Jim. Did I tell you we bought the LOST season one dvd's? We've heard the first season is good and then it goes downhill, true? Are you watching the Bachelor?

Cyd said...

Here Here! It did seem like it was a finale kind of episode. But I still loved it. The flashbacks were excellent. Oh and BTW Paige... Hulu has LOST seasons 1-5. :)