April 27, 2010

No More Sand

After Sunday's attack of the sand monsters - a.k.a. the neighbor kids - I was finally able to rid the porch of all the sand. I should have taken some "before" pictures just so you could get an idea of how sand-covered the porch actually was. It was a disaster! I guess the kids almost did me a favor because I was going to have to dump the sand out of the sandbox before our move anyway. It still took me about two hours of sweeping, scraping, and spraying down the porch before everything was removed. Whoever thought that a snow shovel would come in handy in Florida?! While I was at it, I figured I might as well dump out the sandbox also. There wasn't much left in it, anyway.

One happy dinosaur.

I'm happy to say, though, that we are now completely sand free! I'm almost giddy about the idea. With tile floors and my boys' love of playing in the sand, the house was always gritty and sand under foot was a constant annoyance, regardless of how often I swept. Hopefully those days are behind us, for the most part.

This is as clean as it gets! Now it's just discolored cement.

3 Happy Thoughts:

Erin said...

Wow it looks very clean! I bet there is not a grain of sand left. Your story reminded me how hard parenting must be. Who would have thought pre-kindergarteners would be learning such bad things from their peers. Opened my eyes!

Kristie and Jake said...

It looks great!!!! GOOD JOB!!

Uptown Girl said...

nice job Amber! maybe just "forget" to bring the sandbox with you to the next house?