May 3, 2010

What do you do...

when you get bad news? Do you wallow in self pity? Try to look at the bright side? Crawl in a hole and not come out for a while (figuratively and/or literally)? I have gone through all three and am trying to stick to "looking at the bright side." It's a bit difficult, to say the least.

I'm sure it's no fun to read a blog about depressing things, so in my efforts to try to "look at the bright side," I'm going to try to write about positive things.

There's always a silver lining, right?

2 Happy Thoughts:

Cristian Valerio said...

I do a little of each, but I work hard to spend the most time looking for and focusing on the bright side of things. Don't know what's happening with you, but I'm here if you need to chat! Hugs for you! <3

Cristian Valerio said...

ugh....I always do that! This is Tenecia, I'm just signed in under my husband's gmail, so it came up under his name...sorry!