May 11, 2010

A House of Boys

The other night, as my husband was getting ready to watch the Utah Jazz game, I overheard him talking to his brother over the phone. He was lovingly teasing his brother by asking how he keeps his manliness in a house full of women (he has a wife and two small girls). I guess he was opting to watch "The Tooth Fairy" with his girls instead of doing the "manly" thing and watching the Jazz game.

I had to chuckle to myself because I'm in the exact opposite situation. I'm surrounded by boys! Cars, trucks, dirt, and athletic paraphernalia rule my life. Oh, and chick flicks? Forgedduh 'bout it! It's sort of funny in a way because I grew up with two sisters and only one brother, and the poor guy got dragged into playing "house" more than I'm sure he'd care to admit. (Dave, if you're reading this, I got what was coming to me, don't you worry!) :-)

I certainly love my boys, though. I couldn't imagine life being any other way!

2 Happy Thoughts:

Dave Allbee said...

Yes, you and Paige both got what was coming to you. Bwaahahahaha!

Brittany Anne said...

My nieces call being surrounded by girls, "Girl trapped." They have one little brother and another little sister on the way so Chase and daddy are "girl trapped." When we go visit they tell Uncle Josh it is okay to go to the Mariners game with the guys since he was girl trapped at the zoo, the pool, the BBQ, etc and the big boys playing My Little Pony is adorable. And you, Amber, are "boy trapped."