June 4, 2010

Overwhelmingly Blessed

I am so thankful right now, I can't even adequately express my feelings. God has been pouring out blessings on my family lately, and it's quite overwhelming. I know that when you have faith, turn your heart toward God, and live the way He wants you to live, He will take care of you.

These are just a few of our many answered prayers:

- Brett and I found a great place to live in Maryland and we've been able to get in contact with members of our church who have been able to help us.
- My brother-in-law was given the position in his company that he has been wanting for quite some time.
- My brother got a wonderful job for the summer that he can do right up until he leaves for Air Force Basic Training in August, which in itself was an answer to a prayer; he got the AF job he wanted, also.
- My mom and dad will be able to come out to Florida to visit and help us move.
- My dad got a wonderful, stable job as chairman of visual communications within Brigham Young University's advertising firm. It couldn't be more perfect for him!
- My move and my sister's move worked out to where my parents will get to help both of us: They'll drive with me to Maryland, and then fly from Philadelphia to Utah with my sister's two boys so that they don't have to make that huge drive cross-country.
- My mom gets to have my sister back in Utah with her. :-)

I know I could go on and on. With all these wonderful things happening, I can't help agreeing with my mom when she told me earlier today, "I'm in a constant state of being choked up!"

3 Happy Thoughts:

catroller83 said...

I am glad that everything is going so well! I didnt know Dave was joining and I am still jealous that you will be in MD

denverallens said...


Uptown Girl said...

I'm way behind on all my blog reading... CONGRATS on all the great news!!
If you ever visit NYC let me know so we can meet IRL :) You're so close now.