September 9, 2010

7th Anniversary

I feel so out of it. I completely forgot to blog about one of the most exciting things that have happened to me in a while:

On August 6th, my hubby and I celebrated our 7th anniversary!

Now, I've heard of the 7-year itch, but for me, I think it's more like the "lucky 7." Every year, I realize more and more how lucky I am to be married to such a wonderful man. It's crazy to think about all that has happened in the last 7 years. Here's a little breakdown of just some of the exciting things we've done...

Times we've moved:

Number of states we've lived in:

2 silly boys

Number of times we were chased by a bear:

Visits to Seattle:
1 (but wish it were more)

Visits to San Diego:

Times we were stuck in Wyoming because of snow storms:
Once (and once was definitely enough for us)

Trips to Disneyland:

Times we've driven from Colorado to Utah:
too many to count

Amount of times we've driven across the country:

Visits to Cedar City, UT to Celebrate our Anniversary:

And that's where we got to spend this year. We left our two boys with Brett's parents and had 4 days to do whatever just the two of us felt like. It was so much fun and a much-needed getaway. It had been 4 years since we had a chance to do anything fun for our anniversary. We took full advantage of our freedom and saw plays, golfed, admired the natural beauty of the area, visited my old college stomping grounds, and visited with my family who happened to be in town with us.

It will be interesting to see what happens for us in the next 7 years. I know one thing is for certain, though: I wouldn't want to spend those years with anyone but my Brettsy.

2 Happy Thoughts:

Perla said...

what a gorgeous photo. wow. it should be in a magazine.

Leilani said...

Happy anniversary! can you believe...we are almost up for ours as well. You look fantastic btw.