January 6, 2011

Day 1 of Organization - Junk Drawer(s)

I tackled my junk drawers today. Yes, I said "junk drawers" with an "s." I have at least 3. I'm only documenting two because the third was already pretty organized. The other two, however... Oh boy. Just take a look:

junk drawer1

messy drawer1

Pretty bad, huh? They desperately needed a good cleaning, so it was a great way to start off my organization goals.

I started by taking everything out...
empty drawer
(Pay no attention to the mess up top. That's another project to be documented for another day!)

empty drawer2

And throwing it on the floor...


And done! The drawers are clean!

Just kidding. I managed to find rightful homes for all of the items that needed a home, and threw away a lot of junk that seemed to have no reason to be there at all.

Here are the finished projects!
organized drawer2

organized drawer1

Whew! That felt good to get those done. On to the next project...

1 Happy Thoughts:

Tristen said...

They look really good! I think I will do mine tomorrow... :) Keep it up!