January 7, 2011

Organization Day 4 - Linen Closet

This was a space that really needed some TLC. Lately it seems like I just shove everything in, not caring how nicely it's organized. This gave me a chance to not only straighten it, but to gather up things around the house that normally belong there.


messy closet1

I had bags of scrap fabric that needed a better home, and countless blankets and towels that needed to find their way back into this habitation.


clean closet1

Ahhh... Much better.

2 Happy Thoughts:

Erin said...

My house next? I don't have a linen closet but I have a bunch of other places that could use you desperately!

Erin said...

Oh and Amber, I would recommend finding a few workout games for your Wii (you do have a Wii, right?). I think the Gold's gym latin dancing is really fun (I have a bunch if you'd like more ideas). Also, the new Michael Jackson the Experience is really fun and a good workout. I like thesse though, they are like a customized workout video.