January 7, 2011

Organization Day 5 - Under the Kitchen Sink

I'm very limited on space under the sink, but that doesn't keep it from getting messy.

messy under sink

I pulled everything out to take inventory of what exactly was in there.
sink junk

I then saw how nasty the floor of the cabinet was, so I wiped that up as well.
empty under sink

organized under sink

The dish rags in the box were getting a little bothersome, so I found a new home for them elsewhere in the kitchen. Other than that, all I really had to do was wipe up the cabinet, and place everything back in a more organized fashion. Now, the kitchen sponges have a spot in the little basket instead of just littering the floor of the cabinet.

Bring on Day 6!

3 Happy Thoughts:

Cristi said...

it all looks fantastic! that is why we are friends lol j/k. it does look awesome though and you should come help me and I just love your furniture and how you decorate... so classy just like you! Luv ya

Tristen said...

Looks good! You are going through the catch up way too fast! I only did my drawers today...I need to do some back work still! You are doing awesome!

Erin said...

This is such a good idea. I wish I had the time to stick to the schedule. I have been trying for the past few months to get organized which has been a huge task. Mostly, I don't have ideas so get overwhelmed and quit. But I am hoping to slowly make some progress. I'll keep seeing your results for some ideas and inspiration!