February 2, 2011

Just some photos - Ian

My good friend Angela and her little family packed up and left for California the other day. They will be gone for four months and all's I can say is, it's going to be a rough four months! Oh well. I'm just glad they're coming back at all. Military life is an unpredictable existence, I tell ya!

While Angela and her hubby were busy getting ready to leave this last week, I had the privilege of watching their little Ian so he'd be out of the way. It was unusual for me to have a new subject to photograph, so I took full advantage and snapped some fun pictures of him.

Smiling Ian
His cheesy grin just kills me!

I thought about editing out the slobber, but then I thought, "I can't get rid of the slobber. That's totally Ian!"

A minute before, my 4-yr-old was standing up against this wall because he wanted me to take a picture of him. Ian decided he wanted to stand there too.

Ian looking at brady
Ian loves my little Brady. Here Ian is looking lovingly up at him.

Have fun in Cali, Ian (and Angela & Nick)! We'll miss you guys!

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