April 30, 2011

20 Goals

I did it! I did one post a day for 30 days! That has to be some sort of achievement for me.

This is my final post for the challenge and yet another list. I think this will be my last list for a while! These are 20 goals that I would like to accomplish sometime in the near future, some of which I'm still working on from my goal-setting back in January.

1. Be more consistent at reading my scriptures. I've slacked off lately, but it has been helping that Brady wants to read scripture stories before bed. I get some sort of scripture-reading in most nights, even if it is a simplified, children's version.

2. Go to the gym at least three times per week.

3. Refinish, or at least paint, my kitchen table and chairs.

4. Make an apron for myself.

5. Stick to my food budget.

6. Stick to my budget, period!

7. Not miss a dose of my medicines/supplements.

8. Be more creative with my photo-taking opportunities.

9. Be better at expressing my appreciation for my husband and all that he does for me.

10. Be more patient with my boys.

11. Cultivate my talents (but I guess I should figure out what they are, first).

12. Write in my journal on good days in addition to the bad days.

13. Update my family blog more consistently. Some months I do so well, and others, everything falls by the wayside. I need to find a happy medium.

14. Be more prayerful.

15. Take time for myself, whether that's painting my nails, watching a chick flick, or spending time with anyone, sans kids.

16. Be more thoughtful.

17. Find something positive in every day.

18. Be myself.

19. Figure out why (according to a neighbor kid) my house smells like the freezer section of the grocery store. Air conditioner, maybe?

20. Figure out how to keep my purse organized. You saw it - that thing is a mess!

1 Happy Thoughts:

Erin said...

I hope you didn't get burnt out after this month. I enjoy catching up with you. I always wonder if anyone cares what I have to say. I want you to know that I'm reading and interested. :)