April 14, 2011

Blogger Confessional


It's confession time! Yet another round of obscure facts about yours truly that you probably don't really care to know...

1 - I love Cheetos, but I think it's gross to lick the cheesy stuff off of my fingers.

2 - I let my boys watch too much TV.

3 - We eat entirely too much candy and other goodies in my household. We are okay with that.

4 - I love Gain dryer sheets so much, I would stick a box of them under my pillow so that by bedtime, my pillow had the overwhelming scent of the stuff. I had to stop doing that because it was making my neck break out in a rash. I was deeply saddened by that.

5 - I rarely do the dishes after dinner. They usually sit in the sink until the next morning when I feel like doing them.

6 - I always hope that people will comment on my blog, but I rarely comment on the blogs of anyone else. I should probably heed the "do unto others" saying, eh?

7 - I hate driving anywhere. I don't know why.

8 - On a science-class field trip in 8th grade, a fellow classmate asked me to write "Honk if you're horny" on my notepad so she could put it up in the window of our bus. I was so naive at that age that I didn't know what it meant or what she was doing with the sign. Later, once we got back to our classroom, my teachers found out it was me that wrote it. Amazingly, I didn't get in trouble because they were so shocked. In fact, they kinda laughed about it. I guess being shy, sweet, and a good student pays off sometimes.

9 - Since I couldn't put the dryer sheets under my pillow anymore, I would use the box to prop up my cell phone at night (I use it as an alarm clock) so that at least it would smell like Gain.

10 - I still don't know what I want to be when I "grow up."

1 Happy Thoughts:

Gleasons said...

Lol, amber....I love reading your blog! You make me laugh....and some days I really need that! Thanks!