April 12, 2011

"Do You Want to Know A Secret...Doo Dah Doo"

"Do you promise not to tell? Doo dah doo..."
Sorry. Beatles reference. Couldn't help it.


This is my bedroom. I don't know what it has to do with secrets, but if you must know, I never make my bed. This is what it looks like 30 out of 31 days of the month, and if it happens to be a month that only has 30 days, then that month is completely void of ever having a made-up bed.
Sorry, Mom.
*hanging my head in shame*

For a REAL secret, one that we've only told a few people, Brett will probably deploy this winter for six months. It still isn't a for-sure thing. I'll post more about it when we know exactly what's going to happen.

On a happier note, see those framed flowers in the photo? They are from my wedding bouquet. My parents gave it to me and Brett as a wedding gift and it's one of my most favorite things ever.

1 Happy Thoughts:

Cristi said...

ahhh Brett leaving for 6 months... I am sorry! MAybe we will be out there and keep you lots of company! I love you girly. ha ha on bed I think mine looks like that for maybe an hour in the morning but you know me... at least I dont get mad when people sit on it anymore