April 25, 2011

In the bag...

My sister gave me this purse. It's the biggest purse I've ever owned. I love it! It holds a lot of stuff, as you will soon see...


You can't even see into its depths completely.


  1. "Matched." I'm still trying to find time to read it.
  2. My mini Leatherman. It comes in handy so often!
  3. A variety of gum. You can never have too much
  4. An IKEA pencil. Yes, I stole a pencil. Guilty as charged.
  5. Handy Manny stickers Brady received from the doctor. I had to put them in my purse as to keep him from placing them somewhere in the car, never to be removed.
  6. Two rolls of film from 8+ years ago. Yes, I have kept them that long. I have no idea what is on them, if anything at all. I also keep forgetting get them developed, if you can't already tell.
  7. Hand lotion that I really should use more regularly.
  8. $.48
  9. Lip glosses and lip balms that are always floating around my purse and my home.
  10. Dry cleaning receipt.
  11. My doctor's business card.
  12. My BUNCO score card. I don't know why it made it into my purse.
  13. A paperclip. You never know when you might need one.
  14. My phone. I couldn't live without that baby.
  15. Garbage. I'm surprised there wasn't more.
  16. My pool/community center pass.
  17. My wallet.
  18. My checkbook (that never seems to get used).
  19. A brush. Even wigs get tangled at times.
  20. A mirror.
  21. My bag for things like lip gloss and other girly things. As you can tell, the lip gloss never really makes it back in the bag.
  22. My NSA badge that allows me to take Brett to work. I'll be glad when the weather is warmer so he can ride his bike, instead. :-)
  23. Gift card for movie tickets. Still waiting for a movie worth seeing! Any suggestions?
  24. My keys.
What's in your bag?

1 Happy Thoughts:

Erin said...

...junk? Or at least not enough money. Ha ha.